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PHP JUGNOON vCategory.

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PHP JUGNOON vCategory Script include all basic & advance features required to build professional directory & category listings in your php applications fastly and reliably.

Category & directory listings are most important part of almost any type of dynamic website. It's needed in almost every application where there are means for content management. This script provides an efficient and easy way to handle category and directory management in your applications. Complete SDK available with sample codes & demos which can provide overview of almost all available features.

Installation Guide & Quick Overview

List of core features include

  • Compatibility with latest bootstrap 3.0.
  • Support managing & generating categories for every type of content separately.
  • Complete management of category data (add new categoires, update existing categories, remove categories).
  • Support managing n-tier parent / child category listings.
  • Support advance scalable approach for generating category listings from n-tier parent / child categories using only single database hit.
  • Support cache category listings in order to avoid fetching data from database on every request. Need Memcache to be installed and enabled on your server.
  • Support generating pure ul, li listing from raw category data. You can utilize ul, li listing to generate any type of navigation or directory listings.
  • Support returing category listing in multiple output (i: complete panel, ii: ul / li listing, iii: bootstrap list group type, iv: category with thumnails etc) v: as single or multiple selection dropdown.
  • Support applying css to almost every element within listing e.g (i: parent ul, ii: parent li, iii: child ul, iv: child li, v: links, vi: active links etc).
  • Support restricting parent and childe categories to certain limits e.g (displaying only 4 parents and 5 childs in each parents)
  • Support generating dynamic bootstrap navbar.
  • Support creating multi column category, directory listing with (repeat direction vertical or horizontal)
  • Support creating advance multi column parent / child directory listings.
  • Support grouping similar categories within same content type into groups. e.g group categories (automobiles, auto shows, vehicle styles, vehicle types etc) of same category type cars.
  • Support uploading, removing and displaying thumbs with each category.
  • Support advance real time category management using latest jquery, bootstrap and secure php (using CSRF protection and other security measures).
  • Easy to use & understand code which allow you to extend & refine category management and listing features to any level based on your requirements.
  • and more

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