jTree Family Tree Maker

PHPJUGNOON jTree Family Tree Maker.

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PHP JUGNOON jTree Script include all basic & advance features required to build professional unlimited generation family tree making solution easily and fastly.

Installation Guide & Quick Overview

List of core features include

  • Compatibility with latest jquery, angular js and bootstrap 3.0.
  • Easy to use, extend and customizable script (php, javascript, jquery and angular js).
  • Support creating unlimited tree nodes in real time
  • Support creating relationship connects between each nodes.
  • Support accepting the following types of data with each node.
    • Personal
    • Photo: can be uploaded and replaced in realtime by clicking on node.
    • First Name
    • Sur Name
    • Gender
    • Author
    • Birth Date
    • Is Living
    • Death Date
    • Contact
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • Website
    • Home Tel
    • Biological
    • Birth Place
    • Death Place
    • Profession
    • Company
    • Interests
    • Bio Notes
  • Support readonly and editable information modes for each node.
  • Support the following attributes for tree
    • Editable: (default option), editable tree can be loaded, edited and save back.
    • Completed: Completed tree can't be edited or saved further. Its readonly
    • Private: (default option), private tree can be accessible to the author of tree.
    • Public: public tree can be available for public.
    • Smooth Scrolling: If enabled tree can be smoothly scrolled via mouse movement.
    • Draggable: If enabled tree nodes can be dragged and position adjusted manually.
  • Each node can allow you to create multple relationships.
    • Add Parents (Mother / Father)
    • Add Mother Only
    • Add Father Only
    • Add Partner / Ex - Partner
    • Add Brother / Siter
    • Add Child
  • Multiple types of connect supported
    • Flowchart
    • Bezier
    • StateMachine
  • Save tree information in database including
    • Tree information
    • Each node information
    • Relationship information between two nodes.
  • Create tree in original position based on information stored in database.
  • Allow user to create multiple family tree.
  • Allow site administrator to manage all created family tree.
  • Allow site administrator to review all tree data in tabular format. It can be extended to import family data in excel or other standard formats.
  • Jugnoon Membership Script has been used for providing user interaction platform for tree testing.
  • Zoom In / Out through mouse wheel
  • Delete selected nodes.
  • and more

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