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jComment - PHP & jQuery Commenting Application.

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PHP jComment script include all basic and advance features which is required for making lighter and professional comment posting solution for your dynamic and static contents and pages.

List of core features include

  • Professional look and feel.
  • Lighter, faster and secure script.
  • Easy to use, customize and setup.
  • Fully css based look and feel adjustment.
  • Reply Comments
    • Enable or disable reply feature.
    • Restrict reply on certain level.
    • Post reply on n-level parent, child comments.
  • Like, dislike comments
    • User can like or dislike each comment once.
    • Keep like, dislike user stats in database to keep user away from duplicate actions.
    • Owner of comment can't perform this action.
    • Enable or disable like, dislike actions.
  • Spam or Flag Reporting.
    • User can post single flag reporting.
    • Single flag reporting to be recorded from single ip address.
    • If flag reporting exceeded from specified limit set in configuration then comment to be disabled automatically.
    • Enable or disable flag, spam reporting action.
  • Show or Hide Features.
    • Like, Dislike.
    • User Avator.
    • User Name.
    • Spam Reportings.
    • Reply.
    • Posted Date
  • Implemnt it on any type of records (videos, photos, blogs, static or dynamic pages).
  • Comment statistic calculation
    • Normal calculation via count comments.
    • Scalable calculation to increment / decrement and store comment stats with each record.
  • Customize Options.
    • Customize look and feel through css.
    • Set width of comment box.
    • Set width / height of avator through options and through css.
    • Adjust various types of actions, messages and styles through different parameters.
  • Post Comment.
    • Enable enter button.
    • Enable post button.
  • Comment data processing.
    • Validate comment data.
    • Replaces links with hyperlinks.
    • Clean comment data from malicious scripts using HTML Purifier plugin.
  • Automatic or manual approval of comments.
  • Three types of pagination supported.
    • Normal Pagination.
    • Simple next, prev buttons.
    • Load more.
  • CSRF protection available.
  • and more

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