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jChart- PHP Chart Maker Script.

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PHP JUGNOON jChart Script include all basic & advance features required to build professional dynamic charts, flow charts, organizational charts in real time, customize its look and feel, save it in database and load it back from database in original state. It uses latest webstandard utilities and tools including jQuery, bootstarp, angular js and PHP

Quick Overview

List of core features include

  • Compatibility with latest jquery, angular js and bootstrap 3.0.
  • Allow you to generate dynamice flow charts with unlimited nodes and connections.
  • Allow you to provide detail information with each node.
  • Allow you to upload photo in real time with each node.
  • Allow you to set background color, font color and border color for each node separately or for all nodes.
  • Allow you to adjust connection line styles, width, color and hover color.
  • Easy to use, extend and customizable script (php, javascript, jquery and angular js).
  • Allow you to save chart, nodes and connection information in database.
  • Support creating relationship connects between each nodes.
  • Support creating parent, child and normal nodes (left or right side).
  • Support dynamically adjusting node positions.
  • Support dragging nodes to adjust positions of node manually in case of complex charts.
  • Support accepting the following types of data with each node.
    • General
    • Photo: can be uploaded and replaced in realtime by clicking on node.
    • Title
    • Description
    • First Name
    • Sur Name
    • Gender
    • Author
    • Contact
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • Website
    • Tel
    • Biological
    • Profession
    • Company
    • Interests
    • Bio Notes
  • Support readonly and privacy options.
  • Support the following attributes for tree
    • Private: (default option), private tree can be accessible to the author of tree.
    • Public: public tree can be available for public.
    • Smooth Scrolling: If enabled tree can be smoothly scrolled via mouse movement.
    • Draggable: If enabled tree nodes can be dragged and position adjusted manually.
  • Each node can allow you to create multple relationships.
    • Add Parents (Create node on top of current node)
    • Add Child (Create node on bottom of current node)
    • Add Node Left (Create node on left side of current node)
    • Add Node Right (Create node on right side of current node)
    • Add Node (Create new node without any relationships)
  • Multiple types of connect supported
    • Flowchart
    • Bezier
    • StateMachine
  • Save chart information in database including
    • Chart information
    • Each node information
    • Chart connection information between two nodes.
  • Create tree in original position based on information stored in database.
  • Only site administrator can create charts and read only version will be available for normal users. You can customize this according to your own requirements.
  • Allow site administrator to manage all created charts.
  • Jugnoon Membership Script has been used for providing user interaction platform for tree testing.
  • Zoom In / Out through mouse wheel
  • Delete selected nodes.
  • and more

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